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No commitments No expectations No way this could possibly go wrongright Former special ops soldier Sam Brand is used to getting what he wants What he wants is to unbutton the buttoned down, sweet, and shy Dahlia McGregor Hes hot to find her wild side Shes eager to let him explore it So he makes his propositionno strings, no hurt feelings, and no promisessave for one shell have the time of her life.After a broken engagement, Lias looking to someday find the right man and settle down Thats some day Now its all about the night A hot, meaningless fling with a magnificently weathered blue eyed stud like Sam couldnt hurt hes sexy, and sure hes arrogant, but best of all, hes here In other words, hes perfectfor now But when Sam is wounded in the line of duty and left in Lias tender loving care, all bets are off Because the time they spend together, the it becomes clear this one night deal is getting steamier and lasting longer than they counted on It started as a fun little game Is it possible they could be playing for keeps...

Title : The Wrong Man (Alpha Men Book 3) (English Edition)
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Publisher : Montlake Romance 4 September 2018
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The Wrong Man (Alpha Men Book 3) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Jen R
    2019-05-18 02:49

    I absolutely love the way Natasha Anders writes a story. There is something about her stories that make them more than similar titles I have read. That makes them better. When I pick up a story one of her stories I can't put it down. And I love every minute of it.I was really curious to start reading The Wrong Man. If you have read the prior books in the series (not needed as they are all standalones), then you met Sam briefly. And if you were like me you did not like him very much...but were excited to see if he could be redeemed. What he was really like when he is not being shall we say a jerk. When he was not trying to get in Dahlia's pants even though she was resisting. Because I really didn't like what I knew of him in the last book so I was curious to see if the author would get me to change my mind...and she did. By the end he was so sweet and kind and I loved him.Dahlia and Sam don't start off on that good of terms. Sure she gives in and they hook up, twice, at her sister's wedding, but that was supposed to be a one-time thing. A never see him again so it is okay kind of thing. Because he is the wrong man for her, of that she is certain. And she is looking for the right one. The guy she can settle down with and get married to and have kids with. Because that is what she wants. That is what she has always wanted, and Sam is not that guy. He is very clear when he suddenly comes back into her life that he is not that guy. He is not the relationship type. He doesn't want it and never will. He is the hookup and have some fun while he is in town guy. So if she wanted to have some fun then he was all for that, but she is trying to find someone to spend the rest of her life with. After her disaster of a first try at marriage, she is still not quite sure what she really wants to do with her life. She is living with her parents and starting to come around, but it is hard. Everyone else seems to know what they want, what they want to do, have found their perfect match, but not her. So...maybe some fun with Sam is what she needs. Maybe one long fling, as long as she knows that it is going nowhere and follows her rules so things don't get confusing it might be alright. Because she is definitely attracted to him and the sex was pretty amazing...Sam is in town just until he heals. He got injured on the job and needed a quiet, safe place to lay low. Only he can't do everything for himself like he wanted. And when he sees Lia again he is reminded of how attracted to her he is. He loves her whole buttoned-up librarian type clothes. He just wants to rumple her smooth, sleek exterior a little bit. Oh, he was cute. Yeah, he gets her to help him out to try and get her to give in and sleep with him again, but he wasn't counting on him being the one affected. That he would start to care about her and want her around.These two are pretty opposite in a lot of ways. Sam says what he wants and is usually pretty outrageous while Lia is that prim, proper lady who would do anything anyone asked. She has a hard time saying no, doesn't swear, is just a nice person. So while Sam can be a jerk at times, he also can be super sweet and just what Lia needs. I wasn't expecting to like Sam as much as I did. I loved watching him try and figure everything out and everything that happens. These two were perfect for each other even if they don't seem like it at first glance. Oh, this was a fun read. I loved these characters and am a little sad that there are no more sisters to read.*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review considerationThis review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland blog

  • Jessica Sotelo @ Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads
    2019-05-13 05:31

    4.5 STARSUggghhhhhhh, how can a book be so deliciously sweet and so achingly painful all at once? Maybe it's because The Wrong Man is ALL THE THINGS I've come to expect from Natasha Anders but have never recieved all in one book before! This book has all the humor, heart and sweetness of The Wingman blended perfectly with the brutal pleasure pain of The Unwanted Wife. The cutting words and the unwillingness to commit by our brooding alpha male evolve seamlessly into a steamy yet reluctant romance between him and the eldest McGregor sibling... and it is everything my angst-loving, romance-craving heart could've hoped for. This book was such a treat. I've been wholly consumed by the McGregor sisters and their perfectly imperfect romances for three solid standalone books. And while I've throughly enjoyed them all, I have to admit that I missed the angsty pleasure pain of Anders' previous work where she so masterfully created roguish noncommittal alpha jerks with sharp tongues and cold emotions. (Yeah, I'm THAT reader.) So it came as such a thrilling surprise when, almost immediately, it became clear that Sam Brand was one of those guys. He can be so cold and hurtful and insensitive at times, which only made me desperate to turn each page and see his walls inevitably crumble. Let me just tell you, when glimpses of the hero beneath that alpha jerk facade began to appear, The Wrong Man turned out to be even better than I hoped.I found myself unexpectedly laughing out loud throughout this novel. The writing is so sharp and witty, so perfectly peppered with such smart humor. But my heart broke often, just the way I like it, with the deliciously brutal war of emotions growing more and more complicated as the story evolved. I was as consumed by the romance as I was by the angst, by the most heart stopping declarations and the intense, swoony feels. From beginning to unbelievably satisfying end, I was swept away by Sam and Dahlia and it was everything I could've hoped for and so much more. The Wrong Man is gut wrenching and emotional, it's joyful and fun, it's steamy and so heartfelt, and the epilogue is the most satisfying way to send off this unforgettable cast of characters. I adored this story and I adore this author's work even more having read it. I can't recommend The Wrong Man enough.

  • Mons
    2019-05-16 03:40

    Lia is the eldest of the McGregor girls. She has a failed engagement and almost marriage behind her. She is more tender hearted than her sisters and us an absolute giver. Through her relationship with Sam, which is a fling and not a relationship, she grows and finds herself. She learns to stand on her own two feet, stand up for herself and chase what she wants career wise.She learns what's important and what isn't and she falls in love, even though she never meant to.Sam Brand is something else, cocky, arrogant and a player. After two hook ups with Lia, he decides to use her to pass the time while he is healing after being injured on the job.Nothing, and I mean nothing prepared him for Dahlia (Lia) McGregor. She breaks every preconceived notion Sam has ever had about a relationship and woman. He fights with her, finds her prissy and predictable. Loves pushing her buttons and is also staggeringly attracted to her, off the charts attracted to her.What happens when Sam realises he is in love with Lia?What happens when Lia realises she is in love with a man who doesn't do love, relationships and commitment?What happens when Sam screws up so badly?Does Dahlia show some if that backbone she has grown or does she let Sam in again?I loved this story, another absolute winner from Natasha!

  • Trip triply
    2019-04-25 04:41

    I’m so disappointed. I loved the first book in the series and thought the second one was okay but this one was terrible. Lia is the worst heroine I’ve ever read. She’s so perfect she’s unreal and not relatable at all and sooooooo boring! She was so boring the author had to add a sex scene to every chapter because there wasn’t anything interesting for the characters to say to one another, which got old in the first few chapters. Nothing happened in this book. You could have read the second book in the series and then the last chapter of this book and not missed anything.

  • teapotsy
    2019-05-06 06:34

    The Wrong Man....yet another perfect read. Natasha's books are so well written. Easy ro fall in love with all the characters. My only that she doesn't publish a new book every WEEK.

  • Dfwmims
    2019-04-29 02:44

    I've loved all of Ms. Anders' books. I hope that the floral family saga will somehow continue. She is creative; the characters are saucy, loveable, and the chemistry and witty repartee between them is outstanding. This author has a brilliant way with words and constructs unforgettable novels. Highly recommend anything written by. her!