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The game just got serious.Bricklayer by day, Level 35 Battle mage by night, Eddie Kilroy lives to play Realm of Battle as Killum, escaping the tedium of his job Learning of a secret dungeon hidden in a vast swamp, Killum and his friends charge off to challenge it After a grueling running battle with goblins, orcs, barbarians, and other fell creatures, they win through to the end Only no treasure awaits the victors Instead, they find an ordinary altar, but one which asks if they want to enter the Hidden Realms Duh Of course they do Who doesnt want to level up in the Game Big mistake They can see no way back, no way to log out Now, trapped in the Game, they face higher and dreadful consequences and all that with no certainty that they might ever return.About the Author Tom Gallier was born in Beaumont, Texas.He served 7 years in an Ard Cavalry Regiment 11th ACR Blackhorse Regiment , learning no useful skills.After the Army he went back to school to study electronics, figuring that would be a profession with job security.In 2008 he was laid off It wasnt the first time or last time he was wrong.But while in school, and holding down a full time job, he began writing in his spare time.In the mid nineties he had his first short story sale and publication.He shares his life with his wife and their two dogs....

Title : Quest into Hidden Realms (Hidden Realms LitRPG Series Book 1) (English Edition)
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Publisher : Rowdy Rooster Publish 5 Oktober 2017
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Quest into Hidden Realms (Hidden Realms LitRPG Series Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Drake Morgan
    2019-04-24 21:55

    A good story, very nice. Not that the autor reinvented the weel, but all we already have read before was well integtreated in the story and gave a "fresh feeling". I also have to say one thing that i realy liked was that the ... group of MC's (for a better wording) was very good developed (interaction / characters are likable) and not as flat as often seen in other books of the genre. That made a lot to the decision to give it 4 stars.So why not 5 stars? Because i only give 4 stars for good (or very good?) books, i still wait for the new LotR to give 5 stars. ;)I realy hope the autor will write a second book as id like to see how the story developes further.

  • LitRPGPodcast
    2019-05-16 19:51

    The novel starts with a group of players in a game and stays there the entire novel. No real life story line here.This is basically a trapped in the game dungeon crawl story with some good group banter thrown in.The first 12% is character development for the five main characters and a dungeon dive that gets them all trapped in another level of the game permanently.From 12 - 32%, the group is split up and have little small adventurers that inform them about the kind of hard knock world they’re stuck in. Then they eventually meet up again by 33% mark and then they all go look for a way back home while killing monsters, getting levels, and collecting loot.The game mechanics in the story are there from the very first page. Levels, Player Killer count, alignment, item descriptions, etc. While these mechanics exists, they don’t always make sense and aren’t always consistent.Sometimes game logic is even thrown out entirely. The most egregious examples revolve around combat. The group gets trapped and their levels are set back to level 10. Yet, each character seem to have the miraculous ability to one shot kill opponents 10-15 levels higher than themselves. There are other smaller inconsistencies like no explained XP system and instances where characters level up after each fight or even just from buying and selling goods. But the game mechanics are there throughout the story so it is LitRPG.There are a couple of reviews that claim the story has a unique magic system but I found it to be the exact opposite. Magic is learned from bought or found spell scrolls. The exact same as it is in most RPG games.Overall, it’s not a bad story. The inconsistencies in the story and the simplistic and unrealistic combat were drawbacks. Still, not a bad story, it just doesn’t have anything that wows me either.Score: 6 out of 10

  • LitRPG Guy!
    2019-05-05 18:00

    Killum decides to lead his friends into a new dungeon - with the promise of epic rewards. While his dungeon party is somewhat doubtful, the decide to go along. It turns out this dungeon is a little different. The find themselves physically transported into the Hidden Realms. Here the danger and action aren't just a game.This is a really fresh take on the LitRPG genre. It's not just another "stuck in the game" kind of story. The book is well edited and written. In fact, I'd say the quality is professional level. I was surprised it was only .99 cents!!!!

  • PCDr
    2019-05-08 17:03

    I actually found this book to be a standout book that I couldn't put down. The concept and story telling were spot on and hope the author continues to write stories in this realm as I want more.

  • MKrügel
    2019-05-09 22:49

    While some might say there is no real life story to this, I say differently, while th book starts off straight in the game one learns quite alot about the characters and there RL. I really enjoyed this one, so much so I didn't get much sleep. Defnaitley a must read book

  • Avid Reader
    2019-05-18 16:06

    Unique magic and fast paced action made this a very fun read in my opinion. I look forward to the next one.