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Permutations And Combinations Better ExplainedThis book gives examples of how to understand using permutations and combinations, which are a central part of many probability problems The focus of this book is on understanding why the permutation and combination equations are what they are, which ends up making them a lot easier to understand, remember, and expand than simply memorizing the equations.Permutations and combinations is a subject usually makes up a chapter in most statistics text books, but it is a chapter that doesnt do the subject its proper justice Most chapters on this subject start and end with memorizing the permutation and combination equations, and miss the deeper understanding of them and also skip over the permutation and combination problems that cant be solved with those equations directly.What Kind Of Problems Do Many Other Texts Skip The permutation t in an exam If you get a problem like, You have 20 boxes but can only fit 15 in your truck, how many different combinations of boxes can you take It is straight forward to apply the combination equation of N k n k But how would you solve the problem of You have 20 boxes, and 4 trucks that can fit 6, 5, 4, 3 boxes, how many different ways can the trucks be loaded Assume it matters what box goes on which truck, but not the order it is loaded within the truckThe application of the combination equation to that second problem is not obvious This book walks through how that problem would be solved, and it turns out to be relatively simple and intuitive.Feedback From Early ReviewersSeveral of the early reviewers expressed an interest in having a longer book, and a wider variety of examples Consequently in this version I have added examples for how combinations ve brute force solutions cant solve the problems in a reasonable amount of time, and that a elegant understanding of the math is required....

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Probability - A Beginner's Guide To Permutations And Combinations: The Classic Equations, Better Explained (English Edition) Reviews

  • leserin
    2019-04-25 18:07

    Das Buch schafft es, in einfacher und direkter, anschaulicher Weise zu erklären - man liest das als Abendlektüre und versteht SOFORT was gemeint ist - absolut brilliant, wie der Autor es schafft, auf einfachste Weise die Dinge auf den Punkt und damit verständlich herüberzubringen! Mrh als empfehlenswert- unbedingt lesen!!!

  • Ken Nickerson
    2019-05-15 17:18

    Good, but would pay more for a couple more examples. Liked the writing style, and link to blog and code for example.

  • Don Johns Jr
    2019-05-19 01:17

    This is a fun little introduction to combinatorics. The example problems are thoroughly explained. Would like to see more urn problems.

  • Bill Windsor
    2019-04-29 23:24

    Very good introduction to Permutations and Combinations! Updating from previous user comments below: Scott notes above that in this 2nd Ed.: "Several early reviewers expressed an interest in having a wider variety of examples. In this version I added examples for how combinations & permutations relate to the Lottery, the classic urn problem, card problems including Texas Hold'Em," and other examples that he notes above. *One thing I really like* is that he walks through each example step-by-step and carefully, so you can really understand his explanations. Much better example explanations than most books.

  • Bryan Reagan
    2019-05-20 01:25

    This is a quick little refresher on basic combinatorics. It is conversational in tone and easy to read. I would recommend it for programmers or Business people who have been out of school for a while need to review this concept to understand algorithms used in their prescriptive analytics software which are based on searching through combinations and permutations.

  • Paul Smith
    2019-04-25 20:08

    The author writes clearly and succinctly. He uses examples to help make learning the concept easier.