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Title : Instant JavaScript by Nigel McFarlane (1997-05-03)
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Instant JavaScript by Nigel McFarlane (1997-05-03) Reviews

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    2019-02-22 17:08

    This is one of those books which probably deserves the * to **** ratings various people give it - it just depends on where they're coming from, in terms of programming background, and what they're trying to accomplish.For me, this relatively cheap WROX book fit the bill: I had some specific JavaScript problems on a project I was handed at work and I found the solutions here very quickly... faster than I could have with one of those massive tomes of excrutiating detail! But my background is pretty strong in OO and procedural programing, even if I am a JavaScript newbie: I came in with a pretty good idea of what details I was looking for.Bottom line: I wouldn't recommend this book as a newbie tutorial or something to get started on programming with. But if you have the background and just need to find specific stuff or maybe come up to speed quickly in "another" language, this has an appropriate level of detail and is structured logically enough for you to zero in without excessive hunting.

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    2019-03-10 17:08

    You'll need some prior scripting experience to make full use of this book. I don't consider myself a true programmer (to me it's a necessary evil to drive my graphics), and I feel that without my prior understanding of at least a simple object-based language such as Lingo, I may have been lost. It would have been difficult to make the theoretical associations that the author only briefly touches on with few examples. It also assumes prior HTML knowledge. That said, if you have any idea how to speak to a computer already, this book packs Javascript into a tasty bite-sized morsel that won't give you a hernia from carrying it around!Now I must order this book so I can return my partner's copy.

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    2019-03-10 22:20

    This book is so poorly organised that it is hard to find anything. On purchasing it, it seemed to be a concise reference, but on attempting to use it for such, I found it hard to use. Functions that I expected from the book to be available turned out to be missing on a practical application.As a general introduction to the language it would suffice but it clearly is not a tutorial, if only it succinctly defined the syntax useable across browsers. Furthermore, attempting to use this book to understand the interaction with forms on a html page was impossible.

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    2019-02-18 23:09

    I was new to the entire Internet development arena, so this book helped me a lot. It got me thinking about how JavaScript interrelates to Dynamic HTML. It gives you discussions about the kinds of things that you will have to worry about when you code real web pages. If you have one of the large reference books handy such as the Microsoft Web Technologies Reference, then this book makes a nice companion book to it. I wouldn't trade mine. It solved two of my current project's problems, so it was easily worth the money.

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    2019-02-24 01:20

    They practice what they preach - visit the web site. I found the book likable, very easy to handle and understand, meaningful examples and well organized. So where is the minus? Well, I guess the main problem is abundance of Javascript usage thus the book falls short in including many often used scripts - I would advise authors to expand the book. CD is also needed to simplify implementation, though I successfuly downloaded the files from the web site of the book. Good work.

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    2019-02-28 23:24

    I found the book poor because, given an object's(document, window, ...) methods, the book neither listed ALL the methods for the object, nor described the method's parameters especially the parameters their require options and what these options are. It was a good book highlighting the difference between IE and Netscape. But since this has become a mute point since IE has become the dominant browser (fortunately or unfortunately), this book becomes very out of date.

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    2019-03-08 00:20

    I bought this book because (a) it was cheap compared to other books on Javascript, (b) it didn't break my arm to hold it to read it, and (c) it was compressed and succinct in describing the essentials at the level needed by a person experienced in programming.It also covered a wide set of areas, such as ECMAScript standard, DHTML, etc., at a brief but useful level.For those purposes, it has served me very well.

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    2019-03-19 18:27

    I bought this book because I wanted to learn JavaScript. Bad move. For an experienced programmer but new at JavaScript, I needed an organized book and had to look elsewhere. This book is incoherent and unorganized. I only realized this when I picked up another book on JavaScript and started to read it and I couldn't put it down since I could actually understand it. Think twice about buying this book.