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This explosive new erotic thriller series is equal parts DEXTER and FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.I broke the rules I left, I killed, I loved itDeanna Madden locked herself away for three years She never left the apartment Never allowed herself contact with another human being.Tried to stop herself acting out her homicidal urges .Now, recently reacquainted with the outside world, Deanna is working out a new balance between her work on the sex cams and her life outside the walls of 6E.But her equilibrium is about to be shattered as violence and evil begin to close in ....

Title : Do Not Disturb (English Edition)
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Format Type : Hardback
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Orion 23 April 2015
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Do Not Disturb (English Edition) Reviews

  • Carmen
    2019-04-20 02:45

    Difficile per me trovare un libro, dove la continuazione sia scritta ancora meglio del precedente. La scrittrice ha superato se stessa, mantenendo un ritmo ancora più interessante, in un thriller dove non si riesci a smettere di leggere....Bravissima un'altra volta la scrittrice!!!!!

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-31 23:50

    "There has to be a plan. I have to have a purpose. I am, despite all that rots in my core, a good person."Do Not Disturb is ACT 2 of the Deanna Madden Series. As expected by readers everywhere, Ms. Torre does not disappoint.In the Girl in 6E, we fell in love with the heroine Deanna Madden. Deanna is a strong spirited young woman with deep issues to work through. This character has complex layers that are just waiting to unravel.Do Not Disturb picks up directly after the conclusion of The Girl in 6E. Things are changing fast for Deanna. She now feels like she can venture out of her apartment to explore the outside world. She has formed an unconventional relationship with Jeremy."I have a boyfriend, and he has “stopped by” after work. I feel so normal. And the thought of killing him hasn’t even crossed my mind."Jeremy is the UPS man who delivered packages to her for the past three years. He has also fallen in love with her. Jeremy recognizes the brokenness in Deanna and yet he loves her anyway. He doesn’t quite understand her struggles nor does he admit that he wants to know. He does however recognize that she is special. He wants to break down her walls. I admire Jeremy for his patience, loving spirit, and unwavering dedication to make Deanna feel safe. He is willing to take her exactly how she is. Who doesn’t love a hero who is willing to do that?Jeremy isn’t the only supporting character in this read. We have her inner demon (a character in itself), Dr. Derek, Mike, and the nemesis (who shall not be named).Deanna’s issues are dark and desperately trying to break through. She struggles minute by minute with the killer inside of her. Always lurking close to the surface just waiting desperately to break out. Just a simple trip to the convenience store can bring on an epic battle within her."Baby steps. Ice cream Snickers Bar. Dr Pepper. Return home. I can handle this."“I’m not asking your permission. It’s my body. My life.”Her healthcare provider for the past three years, the good doctor has offered her countless hours of advice. Deanna wants to please him. It is a constant dance of advance and retreat. Doctor Derek is still a mystery to me. He seems to care for her and yet is adamant about keeping her locked up tight. It is unknown if Deanna will follow the doctor’s advice or assert herself and set herself free. This is a delicate see saw that at some point is sure to break.The evil in this book is just as lethal as the darkness in the first book. Deanna falls prey to yet another violent individual. Is Deanna strong enough to overcome her addiction? Is she safe? Is he safe? Can she overcome evil once again and her sanity remain intact?Somehow Jeremy keeps her grounded. For the first time in a long time she has an anchor to cling to. His love just might be enough to pull her out of the dark and into the light!"This is all I need. This is stronger than my affliction, my dark needs. This is what is important. This love might be my salvation."Do Not Disturb is a phenomenal piece of art. Ms. Torre once again offers shock and awe through her colorful writing and intense plot. The tenderness found between Jeremy and Deanna is such a stark contrast to Deanna’s inner turmoil. The combination leaves you swooning and hanging on tight throughout each page. The dual POV entrenches you deep into the setting. To know the thoughts and feelings of each character only increases your awareness of the love, danger, terror, and passion just waiting below the surface to break free. And now sadly, I must wait until November 2015 for the next book in the series. I will be waiting!"In that moment, in that kiss, I choose to believe anything is possible. I choose to forget all of the horrible things that “anything” can include."

  • JLinhart
    2019-04-04 02:07

    Wow just wow! Girl in 6E was literally one of my favorite Alessandra Torre books. Do not Disturb may have just topped 6E. It was just so so good. I cannot even begin to describe how well Alessandra writes erotic suspense. Some writers give the old suspense a shot but it may fall slightly short. Oh my goodness Alessandra can write suspense. Like literally my heart was racing and sitting on the edge of see type of suspense. I am not exaggerating. I literally looked up at my husband and said Oh My God my stomach is in such a knot waiting to see how a certain scene played out.Deanna is such an interesting character. Her self-knowledge or self awareness is intriguing. She is always fighting with herself to control her dark desires. At one point she talks about a tree she saw when she was younger that had grown up through concrete. “No dirt or nutrients to pull from, stiff, unyielding concrete surrounding its roots. Yet it has grown. From a weed to a tree, its roots have pushed aside concrete, fed on nothing yet thrived…” “It made me realize that no matter how much I starve my desires, may shirt myself from triggers and pitfalls…it can survive. The blackness in my mind can live, can grow into something too big to control”She has the ability to add dry humor to her want of killing. And when she experiences things that she hasn’t let herself experience in 3 years you even get some of that dry wit. “Hello normal, I am Deanna. Nice to make your acquaintance.” I loved the cyber names/handles throughout the book such as HungBlackCock as well as in the way Deanna gives handles to things such as FtypeBaby (her car). She names people that she sees and comes into contact with handles that match their personalities or what they are wearing like LoveLakers2Death. This is constant throughout the book and really gives an interesting glance at how Deanna views the outside world the same as she views the cyber world.Standalone: Yes and no. I really think you should read Girl in 6E to get the full experience of Do Not Disturb. Do you have to…probably not but you should. Girl in 6E does not end in a cliffhanger and neither does Do Not Disturb.POV: Mostly Deanna but there are other POV’s in this book as well.Style: Both 1st and 3rd person. I’m not a big fan of 3rd person but it works here.Characters: Deanna, Jeremy, Simon, Mike, Dr Derek and a few new characters that will really drive the suspense and excitement of the story.

  • JAC
    2019-04-13 23:12

    Deanna is at it again!Deanna is such a complex character, and where at first I questioned how I was going to like her, I am now slightly obsessed with her character. I go through my daily life and will have a "Deanna" moment!Don't know what that means...You will when you read her stories...Where this book can be a stand alone you will better understand the characters and where they are in this book if you read the Girl in 6E first. This book picks up right after the first. She had her taste of freedom outside her walls, what happens now?Needless to say if you loved the first book you won't be disappointed in the second...or the third.I can't get enough of this story, and only hope to see it continue!Till then, don't open the door....

  • 3341
    2019-04-24 22:00

    I throughly enjoyed the first book as well as the second book in this series. I really liked Deanna. I love that she knows herself so well, both the light amd the dark parts. I love that she is a strong person. For a sociopath/psychopath she is really quite likable and for the author to get the reader to feel for this character is a testament to excellent character building and depth. I love that she is working on herself to be a better person and to open herself up to love. I love that she isn’t a weak pitiful character as a lot of the female story leads seem to be these days. I was on the edge of my seat through much if this book. The plot line was easy enough to guess at, but didn’t take a way from the experience at all. Can’t wait to read the third book. This story may not be for everyone, but I felt it was a good read.