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Che Guevara Reviews

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    2019-03-14 00:05

    This is a superbly written and researched book, better than any other book about Che, and probably the best biography of a guerrilla leader ever published. Anderson is to be congratulated for his amazingly thorough research, and also his attempt to create a balanced, human portait of one of the most controversial figures of our age. Anyone looking for either a glorification or a condemnation of Che's life and work will not find it here.Anderson's documentation of Che's life is exhaustive, but never tedious. Not surprisingly, Che's various guerrilla campaigns -- in Cuba, Africa and finally Bolivia -- comprise the most interesting parts of the book. Even if you find Che's methods revolting, it's hard not to respect his courage in the face of often overwhelming military odds and almost constant physical hardship. I'm surprised that Che managed to live as long as he did, given his illnesses, the terrain in which he worked, and the lack of food, water and sanitation, not to mention the full-blown attacks, snipers, spies and betrayals that he faced all the time.Still, for all his violent exploits, Che seems to have accomplished relatively little. His campaigns in Africa and Bolivia were utter failures, and he wore out his welcome in Cuba not too long after the Revolution. In fact, it's hard to identify anyone in this book who ended up better off as a result of his actions. Perhaps this book documents something we've known all along: that Che's romantic image dwarfs his actual accomplishments, and that the myth was much bigger than the man.

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    2019-02-19 21:54

    Das Buch "Che - Die Biographie" von Jon Lee Anderson ist ein rundum gelungenes. Sowohl die persönlichen, als auch die geschichtlichen Hintergründe des Lebens von Ernesto Guevara sind meisterlich recherchiert und beschrieben. Der bei Biographien oft auftauchende " Langeweile-Faktor" bleibt hier erfreulicherweise aus. Sehr genau wird jedes Kapitel im Leben von Che beleuchtet, lediglich die Gewichtung erscheint oft etwas ungünstig (beispielsweise ist Che's Motorradreise durch Südamerika wesentlich eingehender Beschrieben als der ebenso interessante Kriegsabschnitt in der Sierra Maestra, wohl weil Anderson hier mehr Quellen zur Verfügung standen).Beschrieben wird in Anderson's Buch ein Mann mit einer beeindruckenden Persönlichkeit, der trotz körperlicher Gebrechen große Leistungen vollbringt, dies ist beispielhaft. So kann man aus dem Buch viel lernen. In einer Hinsicht ist der Autor jedoch gescheitert. Er hat sich vorgenommen, ohne Vorurteile an die Materie Che Guevara heranzugehen. Dies schafft er nicht, er wird von der faszinierenden Persönlichkeit des Rebellenführers in seinen Bann gezogen, dies beeinflußt den Stil seines Buches sehr. Alles in allem aber ein sehr zu empfehlendes Buch, nicht nur für "Kleinrevolutionäre". (Dies ist eine an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)

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    2019-02-18 21:19

    While I recommend this book to anyone interested in Che and the Revolution, I think there are some key pieces missing. Two things really bothered me. First, there was never any explanation of what the word "Che" means! I thought for sure within 500 pages that I would learn the meaning of Ernesto's nickname. But more importantly, Anderson goes into excruciating detail of the young Che's life, but it reads like a distant biography, perhaps because of Anderson's background as a reporter. In the first three quarters of the book, Anderson does not venture any type of analysis on why Che really became a Communist. He simply reports the details. Interesting details, but the reader is left to analyze the meaning. There is discussion of the people and peasants he met, and the Honduran tragedy he witnessed, but Anderson doesn't give us a good understanding of why those events drove Che to become such a rabid Communist. Also, there is no explanation of how Che learned to be a guerilla fighter, or how he learned how to lead an army. All of a sudden one day Che is in command of troops and winning battles. It isn't until the very last chapters that Anderson stops being a reporter and gives us a bit of background and analysis to try and understand the true Che. So, I recommend the book, but the reader will have to delve deeper into the Che mystique to really understand the man.

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    2019-02-27 17:07

    An excellently researced book that uncovers many details of the late "Revolutionary's" life. Anderson, at times, seems to admire his subject but does not gloss over Guavera's mistakes or his brutality. Guavera was not, as the author quotes Sartre, "the most complete human being of our age." He was a naive idealist thug who admired such luminaries as Stalin, Mao and Kim Il-sung. Certainly, the Latin American Dictators of Che's time (with a great deal of support from the U.S. government) were brutal and deserved to be brought to justice, however, Che was simply a brutal dictator wannabe. More accuratly, he wished to empower the likes of Fidel and Raul Castro in Cuba and Laurent Kabila in the Congo.I wish the author had told us some more of the results of Che's "Revolutionary" activities and passed a more severe judgment of this charismatic killer.