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Die Seven Deadly Sins waren die schlimmsten Verbrecher Britannias Ihr letzter Kampf mit den Heiligen Rittern ist bereits Legende Prinzessin Elizabeth macht sich trotzdem auf die Suche nach den Verbrechern Sie will ihr K nigreich zur ckerobern und da k men ihr die schlimmsten Banditen der Geschichte gerade recht...

Title : Seven Deadly Sins 16
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ISBN : 9783551734860
ISBN13 : 978-3551734860
Format Type : E-Book
Language : Deutsch
Publisher : Carlsen 31 Oktober 2017
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Seven Deadly Sins 16 Reviews

  • Jessica B.
    2019-05-08 22:37

    Bisher ist Nanatsu no Taizai eine meiner absoluten Lieblingsmangas. Sie sind liebevoll gezeichnet und die Geschichte wird durch Witz, Romantik, Tragödie und Fantasy bestimmt. Für mich war und ist es immer eine Kaufempfehlung wert :)

  • Danny Pilz
    2019-05-13 05:06

    Super spannend und toll geschrieben wieder. :)The Seven Deadly Sins lohnt sich immer wieder.Sehr empfelenswert! (Genau wie der Rest der Serie)

  • Rachael Kaup
    2019-05-18 00:51

    Whew! In the last book we saw all our heroes fall during the battle with one of the Ten Commandments. But thanks to powerful, beyond belief Gowther, our heroes are fine. Luckily Merlin had placed a restraint on Gowther that keeps him from losing control.So Gowther toyed with Galland's memories to help save everyone from behind finished off. Merlin's also snapped the bracelet on Gowther to keep him from escaping and causing more mayhem. Merlin took a fatal hit in the fact that she no longer has a body. She rushed her soul into her little orb to keep from completely dying to Galland's hand.Our teams finding out that they're not strong enough to face the Ten Commandments. Even with their power weakened they were no match for Galland who nearly killed everyone. They must grow stronger to even begin fighting, but they're missing Ban still. Meliodas believes they must go after their final member, Escanor.The Ten Commandments want their powers back and have discovered by devouring mortal's souls they can gain some. In finding this out they send a demon to a town to gather their little "treats". Our Holy Knight Crew stumbles upon this scheme and takes down the red demon with no problem. Releasing everyone's souls back to their empty shells. But a grey demon doesn't approve of Howzer, Gil, and Griamore. The three are worn down because of the battle when you'd never guess who arrives to help them. . .HENDRICKSON!You hate him but at the same time you don't after he helps to defeat the grey demon and tells the group of the story behind the demons. Dreyfus is still alive and Hendrickson reveals the tale behind the two stumbling upon a powerful, weakened demon in the ruined country of Danafall.After the battle with Galland and Gowther, Diane's taken quite a hit. Upon awaking to King's voice Diane can't remember anything. And to King's horror she can't even remember him. DAAAAMMMMIIIIITTTT! Just when she was remembering her past with King it disappears! Everyone's worried by this, in most of all as he begs Merlin to look at her. But before she can Diane has run away upon remembering something from her past.Matrona. Remember the name Diane went under at the Fight Festival? We get to finally see who this old friend of Diane is, from past memories the giants remembering.So many things are going on at once with all of our characters! Whew sorry for the lengthy review. I'm still completely loving this series and I can't wait to read the next book! Skin is going to a thing because, Meliodas constantly grabbing at Elizabeth. And the attire all main character females. I can't remember if there's any cussing but I think they're may have been some.

  • Kyle
    2019-04-23 22:51

    This volume is a bit flashback heavy, as we get some backstory on Hendrickson and Dreyfus, as well as Diane. The Diane story is actually quite affecting, and draws some interesting conclusions about the relationships between several Sins. The only thing missing from this volume is Ban. And King. They're both absent unfortunately, which is a bit of a letdown personally.

  • Wes
    2019-05-13 00:40


  • Tracy DiMauro
    2019-05-13 05:43

    Item as described...