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Title : Jewish Sources in Early Christianity
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Publisher : Adama Books 1 Oktober 1987
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Jewish Sources in Early Christianity Reviews

  • None
    2019-05-10 13:38

    This book has some very good information in it, but it seems to have no real cohesive theme. It meanders and never seems to get to the point. If you are looking for any depth, then pass this by. But if you are looking for an introduction to the subject and are willing to abide the sloppy structure, then you will get a nice overview of the Jewish background of Christianity.

  • Edward J. Vasicek
    2019-05-15 11:40

    If you are very much interested in Jewish Roots, particularly at a near academic level (although laymen can understand this), this is a helpful book. Flusser was a mainstream Jewish Scholar (not Messianic) with a reverent interest in Jesus as a Rabbi. He and Shmuel Safrai have given much to the Christian community as friendly outsiders.Flusser demonstrates that Jesus taught as a Rabbi in the style of Midrash, among other things. One point he makes that is particularly relevant to those of us who are conservative evangelicals is that the Jewish culture of the first century understood the death of anyone martyred for God as helping to atone for sins. Thus, Flusser informs us, the idea that "Christ died for our sins" would not have sounded unusual to the first century Jewish ear.This is a brief read, but probably not intended for the typical layman who enjoys popular evangelical literature, but more for those into theology, ministry, or Jewish Roots at a higher than popular level.

  • glorigirl
    2019-05-09 09:34

    Disappointed with many of the false assumptions of the author.

  • shemayah phillips
    2019-05-10 12:36

    Few people can speak as authoritatively about Christian origins from the Jewish perspective, and from the context of Yeshuine Judaism as David Flusser. Yes, Yeshuine Judaism (or better Yeshuine Yahwism), and not Christianity, or "Jewish-Christianity" (there's no such thing any more than there is Islamic-Christianity or Hindu-Christianity).Yes, the book is quite short, and really is a sampler of David Flusser's approach. There is not supposed to be a single thesis the book follows, but instead short studies on diverse subjects related to early "Christianity" related to Jewish backgrounds.I won't give the contents listing since you can "Look Inside" by clicking on Kilroy. ;-) If there was a theme that might help you want to decide to read the book, consider the book answering the questions: What are some of the facets of the development of a Jewish Yeshuine sectarian movement to a semi-pagan hellenistic "Christian" religion with regard to the reinterpretation of Yahshua (Jesus) firmly within a Jewish milieu to being understood as something else among the gentiles? What Jewish concepts were transformed into a foreign system of belief?The book is not critical and hardly biased. Flusser seems to have a great respect for Yahshua. One very interesting point to me was Flusser's dealing with "messiah and atonement." Knowing how foreign the Christian doctrine of blood atonement (of a man) is to biblical teaching, I was surprised to see how, although far from the developed Christian doctrine, there is a basis for it in popular Jewish thought from the Maccabees' time in the way modern Middle Eastern people speak of martyrs today. (Flusser does not compare it in this way--my example.)Anything written by Flusser is worthwhile if you have searched out this title or author.