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Written in an accessible style, The Loudest Duck is a business fable that offers an alternate view of a multicultural workplace through the use of practical stories and cultural anecdotes For instance, the Chinese teach their children, The loudest duck gets shot, a viewpoint that gets carried into adulthood, while many Americans are taught, The squeaky wheel gets the grease As a result, you find two distinct ways of doing business, neither one being necessarily the right or better way By understanding others viewpoint, you can understand how better to work with them....

Title : The Loudest Duck: Moving Beyond Diversity while Embracing Differences to Achieve Success at Work
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The Loudest Duck: Moving Beyond Diversity while Embracing Differences to Achieve Success at Work Reviews

  • Taylor Tobey
    2019-03-26 21:41

    Every person in Corporate America should read this book. This book is spot on and describes what often happens when diverse individuals enter the workplace. Laura gives great examples and shares simple insights into the hardships of bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to accomplish goals at work. She explains that it's not just the color of our skin that makes us different, it's everything from the sports teams we like, our tendencies for being introverted versus extroverted, to what country or city we grew up in. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to become more self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and culturally sensitive both in and outside of the workplace.

  • April Kontostathis
    2019-04-08 22:43

    This book has something for everyone who works in any type of organization - and don't we all? Not just for management or just for employees. Focuses on corporate but is 100% relevant in my world and I work at a small college. This has already informed and improved (i hope!) my interactions with both colleagues and students. I really like the practical nature of the book - too many books on diversity focus on the problems without offering solutions or talk about how great diversity is, without providing the tools for reaping the benefits of diversity. Read and enjoy - at times I laughed out loud at the jokes and analogies - takes a serious subject seriously but also addresses it in a fun way!

  • Junior Samples
    2019-03-21 21:34

    An interesting book. I bought this for a discussion group, and had much skepticism beforehand. It turned out to be reasonable, and I learned something. Who woulda thunk it?

  • G. Kinnison
    2019-04-19 01:29

    I have to say that it was the title that first grabbed my attention but is it the content that kept me reading. I don't think I have ever highlighted a book more often than I have this one. I encourage this Reed for everybody who's interested in a workplace or even living a life of diversity and inclusion.

  • Kel
    2019-03-27 21:20

    This book was a requirement for a college course, I'm so thrilled the teacher picked this one. I absolutely LOVE the insight that it has brought into my life. I would and have highly recommended this book to other professionals so they may in turn try to change their thought process with regards to diversity in our world. Highly recommend this book for any reader! A must read certainly!

  • Plnurse
    2019-03-22 19:38

    Best book on diversity I have ever read. Clear and thoughtful at the same time. Excellent book for any manager or administrator.

  • Patricia H. Deyton
    2019-04-19 19:49

    Laura Liswood's new book, The Loudest Duck, provides a needed connection between the growing fields of academic and management theory on diversity and thus provides access to understanding the meaning of sound research through clear writing and specific examples that bring the theory to life. The advancement of women and people of color in organizations is still a challenge and progress is too slow. This book helps us understand many of the subtle, yet powerful dynamics that are holding back that advancement. The Loudest Duck will be a valuable contribution to people at all levels of organizations who care about diversity and care about organizational effectiveness.

  • Asela M Calhoun
    2019-04-18 03:45

    Excellent book for any executive committed to diversity in all levels of their company, to understand the difference between cultural diversity "Noa's Ark style, and true diversity. You have to read this book! Great read and very applicable to today's business environments.